At The Bridge Street Historic Guest House, we are well aware of the current situation with Covid-19 and want to ensure our guests that we are taking every possible action to keep our beautiful Guest House a safe space for latest arrivals.

What have we done to create a safe space?

To enable and safe environment for customers, we have dedicated three of our cosy rooms for isolation and social distancing purposes. These include; The Buttery, The Forge and The Garden Room. We are pleased to provide these to the public, keeping in mind distancing regulations and taking the governments advice along each step of the way. Before and after each guests stay we disinfect our rooms and allow time for any potential hazard to be removed (72 hours). This ensures our guests a safe environment with zero contact and freedom to feel at home even under such difficult circumstances.

 If you are interested in staying in one of our beautiful isolation rooms, please feel free to give us a call on 01787 248578, we take payment over the phone/digitally, which again reinforces the no contact rule.

What about NHS Staff and Key Workers?

At The Bridge Street Historic Guest House we are aware of the amazing work and bravery of our NHS Staff and Key Workers on the front line do to keep us all safe. With our facilities we want to do everything we can to provide a safe haven for them during this time. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer our isolation rooms on a special discounted rate. If you are an NHS Worker or Key Worker looking to stay with us, please get in touch with us today and we'd be happy to discuss rates and what we can do for you. Call us today on 01787 248578.

To our previous guests and guests to come, stay safe and well.

With our best wishes,

Terry & Lynette